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TheLondonLuxe has been a long time in the making since it was conceived over one too many espresso martinis at a bar 80-odd floors up in Shanghai. The site is your guide to looking good and going out in the world’s best* city, London.

So here we are now, a small yet dedicated team of London foodies, setting out to bring you some of the very best that London has to offer. It’s news, views and reviews, frankly.

At TLL we like to call a spade a spade; so if something’s good we’ll let you know, ditto if it’s bad. We’ll cover the city favourites but endeavour too, to uncover and report on some of London’s lesser known gems. And when you are out and about, we’ll try and help you look your best by bringing you the latest on new product launches and examining the merits and flaws of new beauty and grooming fads.

It’s a guide, really: a catalogue of suggestions on getting the most out of a night out, or indeed, a morning after.

Finally, while we may be confident that we’re bringing you the good stuff, we are not faultless, so do leave comments and suggestions about the articles you like, loathe or would be keen to read. Alternatively, if you’d like to contribute or suggest places/products to review, get in touch on or via our twitter page.

Happy reading!

*Call us bold but we’re certain we’re right!



Formerly a professional contemporary dancer, Louise has spent the last decade working in media, including a stint at one of the best-known beauty companies in the world. The result is a self-confessed beauty junkie and unashamed champagne darling/snob. Louise will be covering all things bar, food and beauty-related.

Favourite London restaurant: Roka
Favourite drink: Grey Goose, on the rocks, with lots of fresh lime
Favourite beauty item: Black Kohl Eyeliner



Food, fashion and fabulous obsessed, Ali is happiest enjoying an evening of all three. She’ll be bringing you her favourites with regular musings on TheLondonLuxe.

Favourite London restaurant: Dean Street Townhouse
Favourite drink: Lychee Martini
Favourite beauty item: YSL False Lash Effect Mascara



With a background in broadcast journalism and a fondness for all things arts and entertainment, Tori has produced coverage on everything from London Fashion Week to Europe’s greenest music festival. She’s got her finger on the pulse when it comes to the city’s latest stylish openings and will be filling you in on foodie news, exhibitions and events across the capital.

Favourite London restaurant: Andrew Edmunds
Favourite drink: Aperol Spritz
Favourite beauty item: Eve Lom cleanser


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