How to get a salon professional blow dry at home

The Duchess of Cambridge – a big fan of the blow-dry ©PA

As a child, I always used to cry when I visited the hairdressers. It’s hard to understand why, now that I have gained the wisdom of age. Surely a professional cut fringe would look better than the over-the-bath job my Mum would occasionally subject me to; or an evening up of a less than symmetrical hair style ruined by ill-fitted hair ties which I subsequently pulled out with large clumps of hair attached; and that’s all before I hit my teens and looked to the hairdresser to rescue hair which had been ‘treated’ to all manor of pantry products – from lemon juice to eggs – in an attempt to lighten my mousy brown hair by a smidgen of a shade.

Although I no longer cry at the prospect of visiting the hairdresser’s chair, I find increasingly that I leave the salon with the same air of disappointment.

But why? I’ve had my fair share of bad haircuts, but nothing that’s worth crying over spilt milk. The reason is because I know that until my next visit, I’ll never achieve the same coiffed, bouffant blow dry look at home.

That was, until I attended Style School at celebrity hairdresser Richard Ward‘s Sloane Square salon. The session costs £120 and promises to teach you how to achieve a salon-professional blow-dry using nothing but your own brushes, hair dryer and styling products.

Now, it’s unlikely that you’d achieve the look using the very cheapest of brushes and driers, but my humble Kent radial brush and Revlon hair dryer worked a treat.

The session lasts about an hour and working one-on-one with a stylist, teaches you all you need to know about sectioning hair and creating the blow-dry’s iconic and lasting ‘lift at the roots’. You’re also shown tricks and tips to style the hardest to reach areas of the head, and methods to avoid the dreaded blow dry arm ache!

A recent attempt, styled the Richard Ward way

I was smugly impressed with my efforts and while I feared my first attempt flying solo at home, I was pleasantly surprised. With practice, I am now pretty confident in delivering a voluminous blow-dry in just 30 minutes, which, if I don’t mind saying so myself, rivals that of most mid-market salons.

The session isn’t cheap, but given that a blow dry in London would ordinarily cost somewhere between £30 and £50, it’s easy to see why, in the long run, this is a smart financial move. (*Gentlemen, this line is what us ladies call a ‘justification*)

Impressively too, I wasn’t ‘sold’ any products, making this an altogether great session. (And a great present idea for female friends and family).

However, happy though I am with this new-found skill, a mention must go to the fuss-free, foolproof Babyliss Big Hair product which I have been trialling recently. From the makers of the popular conical wand, the Big Hair was introduced last year to significant blogger acclaim.

The product combines a rotating hot brush and blow drier in one. With its bi-laterally rotating brush, the product dries and styles the hair in one, creating impressive and lasting volume. The product is best used on 80 percent rough dried hair, and adds a beautiful shine to your locks all thanks to the soft bristles.

The Big Hair is also great for touch-ups; used between washes the product can help extend the life of your blow-dry by adding a quick blast of volume and curl to the hair.

The styler is simple to use but check out this video, which is the best how-to guide I’ve found.

So there you have it, no more need for post salon tears. Throughout the years, blow-dries have long been one of the style conscious’ must-have treats. In fact, according to research by beauty giant L’Oreal, during times of austerity women actually spent 7% more on blow- dries – a sure sign that there are just some affordable luxuries that us British women won’t forego. And as a look currently favoured by our new Duchess, the blow-dry is unlikely to go out of fashion any time soon.

To book an appointment at Richard Ward telephone 020 7730 1222

The Babyliss Big Hair costs £45 and is available at Boots, Argos and many good electrical retailers

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